Tried CBD and had no results?  Why is everyone else so excited about it, and you felt nothing.

There are a few reasons CBD might not be working for you.

Here's a list of some of the most common reasons that you may not have felt the benefits that you expected to.


There are some CBD companies out there who are not selling what they claim to be selling on the bottle or website.  Unfortunately, CBD is not regulated and companies can pretty much say whatever they want about their product and put it on a label.  A lot of this information is very misleading.  

Only buy from CBD retailers who provide third-party lab results or a Certificate of Analysis on all of their products.  A COA will list all ingredients in the product you are purchasing.  You should be able to verify how much CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids and terpenes are included in the product you are purchasing. 

Avoid spending your money on something that isn't going to work because it doesn't actually contain CBD or just minimal amounts.  This could be a reason you haven't seen any CBD benefits.


You might not be taking the proper dose.   CBD affects everyone differently? This is why it can be hard to provide a one size fits all dosage recommendation.  Dosage could depend on age, weight, lifestyle, health history, medical conditions, and even if you are a man or a woman. That’s right — CBD also affects males and females differently!

Start with a low dose. Work your way up from there. You shouldn’t take too much when you first start because you may be overdosing.  Its not dangerous but you could be wasting your money.

You might not be taking enough. By taking too little CBD, especially if there are other factors at play, like your age, gender, or weight you are likely not going to experience any effect from it.  

By taking too little or not enough CBD, the dosage may not be strong enough to make a difference. That’s why it’s essential for each person to figure out a dosage amount that works for them.

The best way to start with CBD is to take a small amount at first. Up the dose every three days or so if needed. If you still are not feeling the effects or pain relief properties of CBD after your first dose. You can simply keep taking more until you feel that you’ve arrived at a comfortable place in your CBD dosage amount.  Eventually you should start to figure out the right dosage amount for your needs.

The good news is that with CBD, there’s no risk of overdose and no harmful effects of taking “too much” CBD. Unlike most other medicines and pain killers, you do not put yourself in harm’s way by upping your dosage as you need it.


Some people take CBD and expect to see drastic results immediately. While it may work this way for some people, this is not the case for most. Instead, you’ve got to give CBD a little bit of time to acclimate to your system. It will do its work on your body.

If you give up after trying CBD for just a week or two, it’s probably not that CBD isn’t working for you. It’s probably just that you didn’t give it enough time. For some people, CBD can take a while to integrate with your system and start making noticeable changes within your body.

CBD begins to act as a neuro protectant. It means it interacts with the neurons and cannabinoids already in your body as a result of the endo cannabinoid system and protects your brain over time. If you have not allotted a sufficient trial period for CBD’s magic, don’t be surprised if you feel it hasn’t worked for you.

Give your CBD regimen a few weeks to a few months before you make any decisions about how CBD has worked out for you. It may just need some time to start nourishing your body and forming a noticeable difference.


People can disappoint themselves when they have unrealistic expectations.  CBD is not a pharmaceutical product or marijuana, it doesn't change your body chemistry, so there are no immediate or psychoactive results.  It won't get you high if that's what your expecting.

You should be knowledgeable about what CBD can and cannot do for you before you try it for yourself. Approaching CBD with realistic expectations is an important way to get the most you can out of this wonderful substance.